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To my husband

20 November 2014

Today was a special day in our household!

My darling husband had a birthday!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life and the most wonderful daddy to our little precious boy.  We both love you so much and hope you felt special today!

I even had a helper in the kitchen to help with daddy's cupcakes.

Ringling Museum

19 November 2014

Our town has so many beautiful places to take kids.

 Funny story about this gem, we are heading to Utah next month to go snow skiing and will be boarding Darla with a couple who live close by. They are the ones who told us how awesome Ringling Museum is so W and I decided to go see.  Yep, it's awesome.  So we took daddy over the weekend. 

 They have these gigantic swings...i could easily fall asleep in them.

Look at how magical that is.  I can't wait for Winslow to be another year older and he will be sliding down that thing over and over and over and over...  Looks like a treehouse! 

We didn't actually go into the museum but the park and grounds are free so we will be frequenting this spot a lot.  You can also walk to the seaside and the breeze makes it absolutely perfect. 

Am I actually living up to my blog name?

17 November 2014

HAHA! I did a DIY project this past week.  Get. out. of. here. 

Way back when, before the day of children, I used to be the DIY queen.  Well I decided to channel my inner passion and get with the program. 

I made some shelves for our dining area.

 And I just realized this is the very first photo of our new place...maybe I'll do a tour soon.. or maybe not.  We will see.

But anyway, this is the dining the right is the kitchen and then the living room is in front and to the left. 

So yeah, pretty boring....

I went to Home Depot and bought a 1X10X12 board that was on clearance for 70% off.  $6 for the whole thing. Boo yeah.

Then i bought some L brackets, screws, and stain.  That's all! :)

Pretty much love it. 

Make a huge difference...and NOW i can hang stockings from the bottom shelf.. not having a mantle is killing me..but now I have this to decorate! 

Whatcha think? 

The total cost was around $35 for both shelves. 

Wood- $6
Brackets- $25
Stain- $4

Love the farmhouse feel it gives the day I will have a farmhouse :)